Advanced Massage Therapy

Acute Injury Care is a bodywork practice run by Pete Connolly, LMP. I offer advanced massage therapy for adults, kids and infants that need support to manage pain, increase function or recover from an injury or surgical process. There is need for quality care following an injury or surgery. The term ‘acute’ refers to an injury or incident that happened at a specific time. In my work, the pains and aches we have are often sourced back to a specific event. Acute injury care helps identify and ease these core holdings and compressions in the body. I commonly treat conditions such as recent or old whiplash, car accidents (very different from whiplash), falls and impacts (including and especially concussions), traumatic brain injury, sprains, strains, bruising, burns and a host of surgery types including dental and nasal surgery.

Care with Heart

I believe that bodies and people need warmth, empathy and understanding after they have been injured. The experience needs to be acknowledged. Not weeks or months after an injury, but right away. Good tools used at the right time are essential in any profession, but especially quality bodywork when we are injured. If you have had unresolved injuries in the past, know that the body remembers. Often the pain we are experiencing now is the bodies attempt at asking for help. How else is it going to communicate with us? If our body does not get the proper treatment or acknowledgement following an incident, the nervous system often continues to register it is in crisis. This energy or perception can be carried in the body for months, years and decades lying seemingly dormant, but always with the potential for release. Such is the wiring of our deep brain and spinal cord.

At AIC, it is the intent to offer you the best needed care to help your body reintegrate from an injury, recent or not, and return to health and function.