Decrease Swelling while you Sleep – Jovi Pak Orthopedic Product Line

If you are dealing with a significant injury from a surgery, fall or impact, you might consider purchasing an orthopedic sleeve from JoviPak. If you have a chronic condition that presents with swelling now and then, this too may be supportive for you. These products are designed to stimulate your body’s natural mechanism for reducing excess swelling in your tissue. They decrease swelling while you sleep.

This local company in Kent, Washington specializes in custom products for addressing swelling from orthopedic injuries (and well as lymphedema). The owner, Joanne Rovig (thus the term ‘Jo vi’ Pak), has been in the industry for many years and has created a comfortable, effective and durable product.

This product is different than a standard compression wrap that you might have as part of a R.I.C.E. therapy. These are designed to support the physiology of the lymphatic system, 70% of which is located close to the surface of the skin. Irregular foam shapes are embedded in the soft material, covered on the outside with a short stretch sleeve. As you move around in your sleep, or during the day, these irregular foam shapes press against your skin as your muscles contract, stimulating the movement of fluid under your tissue. The result is decreased swelling. I have personally used a couple of these periodically, one for my knee that swells after hiking, and a chronic elbow condition I had for six months a few years ago. I find them irreplaceable. For many clients I have worked with, these have been indispensable for managing swelling as a result of surgeries (the ankle in particular). They are also an excellent management tool to wear on airlines if you have an injury prone to swelling on flights.
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There is a process for measuring each extremity to find the ideal size for you. You are welcome to contact me or visit for further information. JoviPak has been an excellent company to work with.