Pete’s Bio

The choice we make for injury care is situational but personal as well. Here is a little about me.

I firmly believe that following our emergency room visit for an injury or seeing our primary care physician,  is the time for specialized hands-on care. The earlier we can facilitate the removal of excess swelling and help release the energetic ‘trauma’ in the tissue, the more rapidly can our bodies  repair and return to optimal function.  In my 12 years of practice, I have seen many injuries stay in the ‘acute’ phase from weeks to months. This suggests recovery is not moving forward as quickly as it could. I believe early care for swelling can have a significant impact on improving injury care, whether from impact injuries, sprains or cosmetic surgery.

My training was from Brenneke School of Massage in 2001 in Seattle. Additional schooling had me practicing massage in training rooms in the Seattle Area. I have had a love for lymphatic techniques ever since I learned them in school. It seemed so à propos to use a technique designed to decrease swelling for injuries that presented with swelling. I have used these techniques consistently since then and recently felt that I need to be more proactive in advertising this.

I was introduced to craniosacral therapy at school as well. I remember well my first class, and this light form of bodywork rocked my world. I couldn’t believe how good I felt following this treatment. I remain fascinated on how much I can feel under my hands daily. It takes time to develop such palpation, but its yields are immense.  I have followed up with many courses, mostly through the Upledger Institute.

My inception into the massage industry began many years ago when I was very sick. I had picked up a parasite on one of my annual backcountry guide trainings and it went incorrectly diagnosed for close to two years. Fatigued and unable to continue my lifestyle as a backcountry guide, I took a job at a burgeoning resort called Miraval in Tucson, Arizona. How fortuitous for me that the mission statement of the program I was helping develop was ‘Life in Balance.’ It was in Tucson that I found a physician with the skills to diagnose and treat me. (The Mayo Clinic had sent me home with a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and told me I would need to change my lifestyle). The long and painful process back to health and healing was partially through the care of the massage, yoga and meditation community that I worked with at this resort. Though learning massage for me was a few years away, I believe this is where the seed was planted to work in the field I am in.

I have continued my love of teaching through massage. I currently share many of these techniques that I value through individual courses and teach half the week at the  Cortiva Massage School in Seattle. Just as each client is different, so is each class. As I learn how to best work with each class, I find myself growing as a person, seeing aspects of myself that I didn’t see beforehand. It can be humbling, yet  I value the process of refinement, both through the technical and the heart.