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Brainstorm by Daniel Siegel, M.D.

  Here is another book by Dr. Dan Siegel, bringing the science of the brain and his years of research and psychiatry, to the process of adolescence. How many of us have raised teenagers or spent a lot of time around one? How many of us have been teenagers? Remember adolescence? This book Brainstorm is… Read more

Online Courses for Brain Enthusiasts

Last summer while participating in the Brain Curriculum Series by Dr. Bruno Chikly, I was introduced to the online education organization Coursera. This site offers almost 1000 courses in a variety of topics. They are offered by professors from universities all over the country and world. These courses are available free of charge. Should you… Read more

Ligaments – How Much Do They Influence Muscle Tension?

Ligaments connect bone to bone. That is what I learned in my anatomy classes. They are dense, small structures of fascia that connect our bones to each other. I always thought their role in the body was a much smaller job in the body relative to muscles. Research suggests that there is nothing small about… Read more

New Research on Fluid Flow in the Head

Dr. Miles Johnston of Toronto University focuses his research on the lymphatic system, which he has been studying for decades. The latest findings explore lymphatics in the head, which have been historically, unknown in the cranium. While this finding remains essentially undisputed, many studies are demonstrating a close relationship of cerebrospinal fluid in the front… Read more

Dementia – Pilot Study show decreased Alzheimer symptoms with CST Technique

This was a pilot study that was published in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing (Vol. 34, No. 3, 2008). It followed 9 older adults with dementia over the course of 12 weeks who received a simple Craniosacral technique. Results showed a statistically significant reduction in agitation, including aggressive behavior, both physically and verbally. Find the… Read more

Efficacy of Massage Therapy

Early in 2012 when the federal government was organizing their new healthcare system, the massage therapy profession in the state of Washington sent a strong message. Six authors sponsored by the American Massage Therapy Association compiled a document to demonstrate the efficacy of massage and it’s validity as an active and reimburseable service under the… Read more

Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young

Shinzen Young is a meditation teacher known for his remarkable linguistic, language and historical passion and savvy combined with a later in life embrace of mathematics and science. He melds both these studies into his talks and meditations. Also a fan of technology, he has created an app through Sounds True. The free app gives… Read more

The Biology of Belief

PH.D, Teacher, Author and Speaker. This long time researcher was researching stem cells in the 1950s. He makes a compelling argument comparing science’s marriage to Newtonian Physics to the paradigm challenging concepts of research supported Quantum Mechanics. His lectures/ books takes us on a scientific cultural journey through the last 100 years , impelling us… Read more