Jill S.

October 9, 2016

I’ve been to several good massage therapists in the past, but Pete is exceptional.  His expert treatments have enabled me to be more active than in the past. Pete’s massages consistently leave me with improved mobility and comfort.


A. M.

October 9, 2016
I can’t believe how much better I immediately felt after our session.  I’ve regained my posture, which I felt like I had lost, and the pressure and tension in my head is gone.  My bubble is back.  Thank you so much, what you do is amazing, I’m amazed.  A. M.

John Smith

July 10, 2016

Pete is one of the kindest and most effective healers I have found during my 4 year battle with chronic pain. His non-invasive and gentle approach has created a safe environment where my body has been able to release and in turn pain decreases. His focused, yet simple techniques have relieved back pain, decreased digestive issues, reduced post-surgery swelling, calmed my nervous system reducing anxiety and PTSD symptoms and freed up space in my body so that healing could occur. I have seen a multitude of doctors, been written over 100 prescriptions but I have made more progress with Pete than almost anyone. He is truly a gifted healer. I feel very blessed he has been on this journey with me.